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BERO-Grip STIFF Drywall Finishing / Skimming Blade




Roughly ten years ago, an idea formed that there needed to be an easier method for going from pre-fill of mud before taping all the way through creating a perfect level five finish. The result was the original BEROXpert PREMIUM SuperFLEX drywall finishing blade system. 


Since then, we have spent years in conversations with contractors that use these blades, improving the PREMIUM SuperFLEX line where needed and working to create alternatives for contractors who had other needs. From this search for perfection, the BEROXpert BERO-Grip drywall finishing blade system emerged with a different handle, two different blade thicknesses, a unique handle / extension pole set up, and two alternate specialty blade styles. Together with the PREMIUM SuperFLEX line, these blades have become the go-to method for efficiently reaching perfectly smooth drywall finishes by contractors around the world.






    The common misperception is that a blade must be either flexible or durable. This may have been true at one time, but is no longer the case. Formed using the highest quality INOX German stainless steel available, these finishing blades are simply perfect. The 0.4mm BERO-Grip STIFF blade is the stiffest blade in the BERO-Grip lineup and works perfectly to skim tightly against the wall while eliminating chatter marks caused by inferior steel. 


    Even with its relative stiffness, due to the slightly wider blade, the blade still offers the ideal amount of flex from blade edge back. With rounded corners to eliminate draglines, sanding time becomes greatly reduced. The BERO-Grip Finishing Blade line is ideal for pre-fill and initial passes over tape all the way through skim coating for a true level five finish.






    Whereas the original PREMIUM SuperFLEX Finishing Blade grip revolutionized hand tool ergonomics, the BERO-Grip line continues the BEROXpert legacy by offering a different level of flexibility in handle design. Designed to extend the full length of the finishing blade, the BERO-Grip is formed to reduce wrist strain and fluted to give a solid hold on the grip. 


    When using a tool as much as you will want to use these blades, comfort is key. The barrel shape makes it easy to switch the direction that the blade is being used without discomfort. The grip is made from a durable, rigid poly product that outlasts the competition, and is easy to use with one hand in the center of the blade, two hands on either side of the blade, or with the optional handle and extension pole mounted to it (not included).






    There is simply no better system for beginning to end drywall finishing than BEROXpert Finishing Blades, and the difference will be obvious from the very first job that you use them on. As one of our top contractor customers noted, the labor savings alone can rise as high as 40%. 


    When paired with the blade’s durability, it will easily be one of the most valuable investments that you will make into your business. Contractors have been using the BERO-Grip system for years and testify to both the grip and the blade still performing as they did on day one.


    Finally, no other drywall finishing blade can touch the lightweight aspect of any of the BEROXpert Finishing Blades. Aluminum grips do not last as long as the poly product that our grips are made out of due to the nature of drywall compound and aluminum. In addition to its durability advantage, the poly material is much lighter than aluminum, which matters when on extension poles or even when held by hand for extended periods of time. 






    Reduce the time spent on stilts and/or scaffolding. The grip doubles as a place to attach the optional handle and extension pole (not included). The solid, firm handle attaches securely to your finishing blade, can be adjustable to any angle, and won't fall off or damage the blade. Then, when more height is needed, simply insert the base of the handle into the extension pole for even more speed and efficiency. With up to 83" of total extension reach with the handle and extension pole combined, you'll be able to skim ceilings with perfect control over the blade and coat low joints without as much time bent over.






    When it comes to extending the lifetime of your blade, we give you options. To protect the blade itself, every finishing blade ships with a blade guard that simply clamps onto the full length of the blade. This protects against damage or unwanted bending from dropped or falling blades. This is no slip-on cover that will fall off easily over time.


    When you're done with the job, no other finishing blade company has invested as much in your tools' longevity. All of our finishing blades are also available in kits with hardshell cases to protect your collection of blades and extension poles and conveniently fit behind the seat of your work truck.






    The BERO-Grip Finishing Blade line also is available in both the FLEXI and STIFF thicknesses in individual sizes of 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24", 32", and 44". Also available is a sturdy bi-material handle that clamps on to the grip at an adjustable angle for more of a traditional handle. For extension capability, we also carry a longer extension pole that, together with the handle, extends to a total of 83" (see more below). 


    Looking to protect your BERO-Grip blades? Pick up the Master BERO-Grip Finishing Blade Kit which comes with 10", 12", and 20" BERO-Grip STIFF Finishing Blades, 12" and 25" BERO-Grip FLEXI Finishing Blades, the bi-material handle and an extension pole that extends to a total of 59", and a professional hardshell carrying case.


    For the contractor with unique application, the BERO-Grip line offers two specialty blades. The BERO-Grip STIFF Plaster Blade is a plastic blade which works perfectly with traditional plasters or in situations where special care needs to be taken not to burnish the material (12", 24", and 40" sizes). The BERO-Grip FLEX Rubber Blade was initially developed for the high-end wallpapers that have begun to make their way back into popularity, but have since been tested to work great for knockdown and many other uses (12", 26", and 40" sizes).

    BERO-Grip STIFF 0.4mm Drywall Finishing Blade



      • BERO-Grip STIFF - 0.4mm thick premium INOX German stainless steel blade
      • Blade is rounded on each corner to reduce draglines
      • Rigid ABS molded frame is durable and lightweight
      • Blade works perfectly by hand or when used with the optional handle and extension pole (not included)
      • Ergonomic grip uses a comfortable design and reduces wrist strain felt with traditional knives
      • Bi-Flex technology allows for 10x more blade contact on surface leaving a smoother finish

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